Shapira & Hellerman Planners

Shapira & Hellerman Planners (SHP) bring extensive experience of over 25 years in Urban and Strategic Planning on the international, national, regional and local levels.

Fields of specialization include Strategic Planning, Urban Planning and Development, Urban Renewal, Public Policy and Administration, Economic Development, Social Planning and Services, Public and Stakeholder Participation, Capacity Building and more.

Clientele include Government Ministries and Authorities in Israel and sub-Saharan Africa (World Bank projects), assorted Cities, Towns, Local Councils, Planning Authorities, NGO’s and private developers including multinational corporations.

SHP is partnered with Halufa Kehat Ltd. in the Halufa Group.


Urban Planning and Development
Public and Stakeholder Participation
Economic Planning & Development
Public Policy & Administration
Social Planning & Services
Development Programming & CIP
Urban Regeneration
GIS & Survey
International Operations

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